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Lakeview Massage and Therapy

Where Recovery Meets Relaxation…

Woman getting a massage

Lakeview Massage is different than your typical day spa. We’re customized personal care with the end goal of improving your health and wellbeing. We focus on helping clients recover from various physical ailments so you can achieve pure relaxation.

We do two other things differently to achieve results no one else can match:

  1. We work with clients to decide the best kind of massage they need, and
  2. We customize all of our massage therapies to each client.

How We Decide On Which Massage Best Fits Your Needs

If you need help recovering from surgery or injury, then massage therapy options like that are straightforward. For the rest of our clients in search of feeling better and more relaxed, we get to know you and your needs before setting you up on the table.

Building understanding starts the moment you contact us to book an appointment. From the very beginning, we want to know what your health concerns/needs are so we can serve you best. All of our staff are experts in massage therapy, so you can lay on the questions before we pencil you in.

We take the time to get to know new clients and put you in control of your health. You may have multiple health concerns. We take the time to gather information and build an action plan to create the best results and healing.

We also work closely with our chiropractic sister company. Since chiropractic and massage pair well together (massage helps adjustments hold and maximize the health benefits), we work with the doctors and their patients. That extra bit of information a chiropractor can give us empowers us to take massage therapies a step further in the recovery process.

How We Customize Our Massage Therapies

Much like people build a strong rapport with their favorite hair stylist, we take the time to build a relationship with each of our clients. That relationship is critical to our customization process. Massage therapy extends beyond our clinic.

Every massage session has consultation time built into the beginning of the appointment. We listen to your health concerns and discuss recovery and massage options. We also make additional session recommendations and explain how that extra bit benefits your health. These addons are offered at no extra charge.

For example, if you’re getting a Athlete & Weekend Warrior massage, we’ll recommend using a cooling creme or suggest adding cupping therapy to provide a little extra blood flow boost. Whether or not you want the cupping is up to you but it doesn’t change the price of your appointment.

We aim to put you in control and keep your options open without feeling like you have to go without in order to save money. Your recovery and health are our top priorities.

One other customization method our clients absolutely love is the followup that extends beyond your appointments. We spend time teaching our clients stretching routines that speed recovery and help strengthen muscles, along with provide guidance on building daily routines that help protect you from injury.

We take our massage therapy one step further by factoring consultation time into your appointment so you don’t have to feel rushed to get on the table. We want to fully understand why you’re here so we can provide the best service and care.