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Barefoot Ashiatsu Massage

barefoot ashiatsu massage

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is a Japanese technique that is used to apply broad-surfaced deep tissue pressure, using the feet instead of the hands. Rather than have to depend just on hand and arm strength, the therapist uses overhead bars and regulates their body weight to adjust the pressure of the treatment.

The therapist is also able to adjust their feet at an angle to the muscles, which offers a far greater range of pressure than all other forms of massage. With this approach to deep tissue massage, the pressure is sustained and usually up to 3x deeper than traditional hands-on treatments. It goes below the surface, manipulating the deeper layers of soft tissue.

Expect long flowing movements and strokes along the entire length of the muscle. The broad, deep pressure to the skin essentially is able to iron out the entire muscle. This is especially helpful for clients who are dealing with chronic tension that can't be healed with a traditional deep-tissue massage. By targeting specific pressure points, the massage therapist's motions can help decompress the spine in a way that help relieve pinched nerves and back spasms. The therapist is always supported and balanced by the securely fastened bars mounted on the ceiling.

Ashiatsu also promotes your body’s natural detoxification process, elongates the muscles, accentuates deep pressure massage with the broader contact with the skin without the discomfort and helps aid in stretching the spine.