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Post-Mastectomy Movement Massage

post mastectomy

Our Post-Mastectomy Massage is a supportive healthcare option for those past 8 weeks of mastectomy or breast cancer recovery. (Please note: this is not a lymphatic/surgical drainage massage)

At Lakeview Massage & Therapy, we strive to provide a safe place, judgement-free, where our therapists can begin the process of touch and stretch of now recovering tissues.

Expect professionalism and discomfort management all while given a massage focused on stimulation of the skin and lymph systems with a gentle touch to not over tax the nervous system. With your consult, deeper tissue work will be done to increase range of motion and healing capability of scar tissue and damaged ligaments, along with skin moving, stretching, isometric muscle work and breast massage if called for. We will always only do what you are comfortable with. If you need more or less, please let our therapists know.

Promotes and individual focused therapy for those in recovery. A step in healing the body and mind, and a forward push in healing the muscles in preparing the body for a better tomorrow.

***If you are currently experiencing an episode of lymphedema, you should consult with an expert rather than seek out a massage. And if you have any doubts of whether this massage is for you, please check with your healthcare provider.***