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Traditional Therapeutic Massage

Massage Therapy Therapeutic

Do you need an intro into the world of proper massage & therapy? Are you looking to start a journey of self healthcare and need a professional push into the right direction? If yes, our Therapeutic Massage is for you! A true gateway to healing and pain relief that can cater to all ages.

Expect our therapists to discuss your health concerns and areas of aches and pains throughly. A full body stress release massage, customized to your needs that will include any of the following treatments deemed necessary by our experienced therapists. Deep tissue work, myofacial release, trigger point pressure, Graston technique, active release technique, joint traction, ligamentous stretching, and more. Our therapists then have a great idea of where you may need added work and what future massage treatments may be best benefitial for you.

Our Therapeutic Massage promotes a focus on stimulating and relaxing problem areas of the whole body. A chance for initiating a healing process, much needed in an over stressed body that is looking for daily relief.

***Complementary treatment available at Upper Cervical Family Chiropractic & Wellness with specific adjustments, cryotherapy and dry needling which will make each massage more beneficial.***