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Lymphatic Detox Massage


The lymph system is the prime mover of fluid in the body and directly correlates to ones immune system. This system can be overworked or damaged after a time of illness, surgery, trauma, chronic condition or swelling due to poor circulation.

Expect our experienced and certified therapist to apply gentle pressure geared towards facilitating fluid movement though the channels and nodes to relieve built up pressure. At Lakeview Massage & Therapy, our therapists use a series of compressing, gliding, stretching and cupping motions along with light acupressure-type touch to efficiently move fluid and detox the lymph nodes when the body is unable to do it by itself. There is a specific sequence to this type of massage that insures that lymphatic fluid is not trapped anywhere.

Promotes a decrease in edema, built up in the lymphatic system, and detoxes stagnated swelling. Fresh blood and nutrients that flow through will encourage continued circulation, which helps the body heal and recover faster.