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TMJ & Migraine Relief

TMJ & Migraine Massage

Approximately 50 million Americans suffer daily from Temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ), which is the caused by inflammation of the joint and muscles of the jaw, or Migraines. Either issue can be anywhere from a daily annoyance to a debilitating chronic pain. Muscles tightened from TMJ can cause Migraines, jaw inflammation, neck pain, shoulder tension and upper back restrictions. The triggers for Migraines and TMJ can coinside or overlap, therefore we have designed a therapy treating them both.

Expect our therapists to be thorough in covering all areas of concerns. Depending on the therapist, external or internal techniques may be used. Our techniques are gentle and will incorporate stretching and advice to help manage and improve ongoing discomfort. Therapists may incorporate trigger point release, active release technique, traction therapy, active stretching, and cupping. TMJ or Migraine attention can be incorporated in to a longer massage with full body focus if discussed with therapist.

Promotes better motion in jaw, lessens occipital knots, reduces sinus pressure and helps create better overall posture by releasing the para-spinal tension built up from life’s daily stressors.

***Complementary treatments available at Upper Cervical Family Chiropractic & Wellness with specific adjustments, cryotherapy, dry needling and acupuncture which will make each massage more beneficial.***